The Streets of San Francisco: Photographing City Life



Travis Jensen (b. 1979)

“I moved to San Francisco nearly two decades ago, fresh out of high school, with a duffle bag, skateboard and $800 cash. I paid real dues to establish myself. I love everything about The City: the people, sights, sounds, smells, oddities…all of it.”

As a young skateboarder, it was natural for Jensen to be drawn to life in the streets. Living in the city, he taught himself photography. Although San Francisco is often depicted for its postcard beauty, Jensen’s images capture a grittier reality—people on the margins of a gentrified city. “…my images aren’t always pretty—far from it actually, but they are natural, truthful, sincere, and real.”

“I always try to portray people with a lot of dignity and respect. When I take these, I ask myself, what if that were me in the photo? How would I react to that?”

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Photographs courtesy of Travis Jensen